Confident-sexy Saulo Oliveira is cloaked in trademark black as he arrives to some business meeting

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4 min readNov 12, 2023

The rock star was seen entering a building last week and, in the meantime, no new music

by Nelson Nielsen, November 12, 2023

The model, Saulo Oliveira S. is photographed arriving for some meeting recently.

Exuding a lot of charm and finesse, the Rock artist was seen this week arriving for a meeting about which no further details were revealed. Notorious for his discretion, Saulo passed straight by and did not answer any questions, with all the elegance that is pertinent to him.

Wearing black from head to toe, his trademark, the model proves that it is possible to have style even in monochrome. With his prescription Tom Ford glasses and Versace leather jacket, Saulo fulfills another appointment in the first week of November without indicating any news about the release of his next single.

The model and musician, Saulo Oliveira S. is photographed arriving for some meeting recently.

What is known so far about the behind-the-scenes of his long-awaited single “Nighthawks” is that the project, contrary to what was thought, is not in post-production. The last incident (after the mosquito incident) indicates that Saulo would not be satisfied with the guitar solo in the song and is now studying a way to improve the solo or replace it with synthesizers. Furthermore, insiders report that Saulo Oliveira also intends to replace a word in the first verse of the song, which will mean having to record the intro vocals again. It is not known when the artist will make these changes. Therefore, the long-awaited single remains without a defined release date.

While he doesn’t release any new music, it’s up to the public to continue enjoying his recent work, the Prince of Rock EP, which continues to gain repercussion and acclaim, even more than a year after its release.

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