Pauly Shore Says He Has “Reached Out” to Richard Simmons About Portraying Him in Film: “I’m Trying to Make It Happen”

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2 min readSep 23, 2023

The ‘Encino Man’ star said he has seen social media posts petitioning for him to portray the former fitness personality in a movie.



Pauly Shore said he is hoping for Richard Simmons’ blessing to portray the ’80s fitness guru in a biopic.

The Encino Man star took to social media Thursday to share that he has reached out to Simmons to discuss a potential film. “I’ve noticed all the reactions to me playing Richard Simmons in a new biopic,” he wrote. “I heard he’s living deep in Big Bear. We’ve been playing phone tag (yes, he still has a phone). I’m trying to make it happen for you guys. Be optimistic.”

Shore continued, “In the meantime, hit up Hulu, Amazon, Disney, HBO and all the big producers. I definitely can morph into this guy. I’ll see you at the Academy Awards 2025.”

While Simmons has been out of the spotlight for several years, he rose to fame in the early 1980s, hosting The Richard Simmons Show as well as selling millions of copies of his workout videos, Sweatin’ to the Oldies.

Last year, following the release of TMZ‘s documentary What Ever Happened To Richard Simmons?, his rep shared a statement with the New York Post, which read, “Richard is eternally grateful for the continuous outpouring of love and gratitude he has received from across the Globe. He is happy, healthy and living the life he has chosen to live.”

Shore also said earlier this year that he is ready to return to acting. He told Page Six in March, “I do truly miss acting and I miss being on set … hopefully it happens … it’s about just dreaming and hoping.”

His comments came a day after the 2023 Academy Awards, where two of his Encino Man co-stars, Brendan Fraser and Ke Huy Quan, won their first Oscars. But during the ceremony, Shore also became the butt of one of host Jimmy Kimmel’s jokes.

“Two actors from Encino Man are nominated for Oscars,” Kimmel said to the audience. “What an incredible night it must be for the two of you, and what a very difficult night for Pauly Shore. Maybe it’s time to reboot Bio-Dome.”