Recently Saulo Oliveira S. attended to a private ceremony, a mysterious red carpet located in… Who knows?

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1 min readJun 8, 2022

By Melissa Folmann, June 9, 2022.

Saulo Oliveira S. in a Red Carpet Ceremony.

The Prince of Rock has attended to a private ceremony that does nothing more than just increase speculations about his involvement with sects and cults.

Saulo has gained more attention lately because of his music and the potential controversy in his lyrics and tribute to certain ideologies such as the Satanism from Aleister Crowley. He even referenced Jack Parsons in his latest song “Mcneil” and in his album Wild Horizon he delivers the sentence “Aleister Crowley’s thelema is running in the veins of some magician man”. Just a reminder: Jack Parson was expelled from Crowley’s Satanist club because he was considered way hardcore. Now, Saulo Oliveira S. himself has his persona engulfed in many speculations. What’s the nature of the events he attends secretly? Perhaps the rockstar may be this magician man as long as nobody seems to identify where he’s been sometimes.