Saulo Oliveira S. and the subliminal message in his songs

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4 min readJun 18, 2022


by Ella Harold, June 18, 2022.

Saulo Oliveira S., January 2022.

Also known as Prince of Rock, the artist Saulo Oliveira S. has gained more attention lately concerning to a new debate involving his name. Theories are spreading on the internet gaining more and more projection and it is said that the rocker’s songs are full of subliminal messages. If you’re still in doubt, follow this countdown of 5 times in which Saulo left the suspense in the air:

Number 5: Old MTV. In around the three minutes and thirty seconds of the song you can hear the singer pronouncing a whole phrase in an unintelligible way. But it’s not another language, it’s English but in reverse. In order to get what he is saying you must listen to the music backwards. Therefore the answer is yes, there’s really a hidden message in Old MTV. What could possibly be? Go check it out.

Number 4: Kool Kids Klub. At the nine seconds of song you are allowed to listen to some whispers, they’re probably hidden messages but no one will ever get the meaning as long as it’s too discreet and low. And at the end of the song the ever-hunting presence of children conjuring something in a church-chorus cult lookalike tone is definitely the highlight for an unforgettable conclusion. However, it’s not easy to get what the crowd of children says at the first time. In fact, KKK didn’t need hidden messages to provoque the audience. Saulo screaming repeatedly “Hail the Lord of the flies” is already a solidified brainwashing moment.

Number 3: What Governs Behind Them. Who knows what governs behind all the politicians around the globe? What are their intentions? The Prince of Rock seems to know. Saulo compares the curruption of mankind with pig filth. There are pigs screaming in the beginning of the song and in the end. Between the finishing and agonising screams there’s nothing less than a hidden message. Saulo Oliveira S. strikes again and takes up residence in the listeners’ brains by implanting a strong phrase in the unconscious of their minds. The only way to get what he is talking about? Listening backwards.

Number 2: Antichrist-Mas. It was Christmas again the three was there, the December red and green shining lights and Saulo hates this night. The songwriter really nailed it with this one, a protest song against Christmas being an inevitable Christmas single. One of Saulo’s most paradoxal works. And, while yelling from the top of his lungs his insatisfaction it is possible to hear something said backwards again. Around two minutes and thirty eight seconds. There it is.

Number 1: Macneil. This song has, without a shadow of the doubt, both, liminal and subliminal, the most diabolical meaning in Saulo’s repertoire, so far. The singer claims he is feeling like Reagan all the time and that the Devil in him seems, in his words, so real. He even pays tribute to Jack Parsons, the rocket scientist known for dark occultism. The singer praises sex magic and the perversion of rituals and cults. The melody is so soft, smooth and calm but don’t get fooled, sometimes the lyrics are the strong essence of a music. With Saulo that’s always true in any of his songs. But Macneil owns the first place on this list not because what was said in the surface. Right at the beginning of the song, after the piano intro, Saulo pronounces phrases in English language but, guess what? Backwards. Here’s a few of what he says: “Satan is coming, Satan is coming” . He also says “Pazuzu, Pazuzu”. Conjuring the demon from the movie “The Exorcist”, obviously. And “Your soul is mine now, who told you to listen to this backwards”. Saulo is right. It’s better to not listen backwards, the messages can give goosebumps.

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