Saulo Oliveira S.: Apple Music interview and updates on his profiles

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6 min readNov 18, 2022

The Prince of Rock oozes elegance with an air of superiority in his new profile picture

by Olivia Omen, November 18, 2022

Saulo Oliveira’s new official profile photo features the rock star in a well-tailored suit and Vogue sunglasses

Saulo Oliveira, the Prince of Rock, has a new look on his official profiles on music platforms and also on his social networks. With a new aesthetic, the artist's new profile picture suggests that he is entering a new era. There's something mysterious and intriguing about the model's posture in a pose that inspires confidence and harks back to a classy Hollywood spy character.

Saulo Oliveira, in fact, has this versatility and it is true that he could embody a character on the big screen if that were the case. But the most accepted probability is that it is just a promotional poster that encapsulates his new musical phase in which the artist is expected to venture into new projects mixing Rock & Roll with different genres in yet another experimental endeavor.

Whatever the case may be, His Majesty, the Prince of Rock, is in active production of new projects and that's something to always look forward to. There is a backstage buzz about the post-production of a single to be released in 2023 and also the long-awaited release of its first official video clip followed by another or third clip in the same year and the announcement of material to be published in the literary field. In this line of news and agendas of Saulo, therefore, it is not advised to wait for any artistic novelty for this end of 2022. Everything indicates, on the other hand, if behind-the-scenes rumors are confirmed soon, that in the first half of 2023 big news may emerge.

Those who follow Saulo Oliveira know the tradition of releasing an album or EP or single always at the beginning of the year, usually in February: this happened with “Like We Used to Do”, “Old MTV”, “Wild Horizon”, “Prince of Rock”, among others. Needless to say, then, the chances of new content at this time of the year are very high. In any case, it is worth following the rockstar's official networks since, for months on end, during the year 2021, the header of his Twitter and Soundcloud was a single black background with numbers highlighted in white signaling a date. That signal confirmed what was received in March 2022; the acclaimed EP came into the world, which today bears the same honorary title to the artist.

Keeping up with Saulo on social media is essential to map out his next steps, and, above all, it is always worth checking the official music platforms. Updated earlier this week, for example, Saulo's profile on Apple's music platform features a brief interview with the rocker.

In the words of Saulo one of his most recent musical memories: “I fell asleep while listening to Lana Del Rey. The song ‘Hope is a dangerous thing…’ merged into a scene in which she, in the dream, recited the words in front of me as an outburst. I jugged her and woke up grateful to have met her in person”.

He also named Nevermind (Nirvana), The Dark Side of the Moon (Pink Floyd) and Abbey Road (The Beatles) as his top 3 all-time favorite albums. About the choice Your Royal Highness states: “These albums represent the epitome of intrepidity Rock & Roll has never had in its history. These artistic works broke paradigms, they inspire me in the possibility of trying to achieve something similar in technique and artistic expression”.

Encouraged to find one of his songs on the Apple Music platform that he loves and explain to the public why it is special, the songwriter defends “In The Beginning Was the End” as his choice and says: “’In The Beginning Was the End’ denotes the scope of a sincere understanding of the relativity of time. Existence has no beginning or end, everything happens all at once, nothing has a meaning. Linearity is a fiction. Face the void. All is transient. Does it matter? Do I bother?”.

Apple asked: What’s one of the most memorable moments in your career so far?

And Saulo Oliveira replied: “I hardly consider anything memorable. Some 50 or 60 years from now it is likely that this answer will remain intact. What was memorable? I don’t know. Who cares?

The last question was: “Is there anything left on your bucket list as an artist or band?”

Saulo’s answer was: “Yes, I wish there was no more Christmas because it’s a depressing and hypocritical date and I also wish that Jim Morrison would answer me when I summon him through the Ouija board. All this I desire as an artist”.

Apple Music, Saulo’s profile, November 2022.
Apple Music, Saulo’s profile, November 2022.

Well, as always, metaphorical, mysterious, elusive, ironic and humorous, even in such a short profile interview for the purposes of defining his presence on the platform, one can notice tones of an overwhelming and magnetically hypnotic personality. Comfortable and quite at ease, Saulo has been trying more and more to give back to the public that accompanies him and has taken great care in efforts like this one, in exposing himself a little more in the name of his art. Being an introvert and also being what today is considered low-profile on the internet, even a two-minute Q&A with him is already a lot, considering that the appreciation he cultivates for his privacy is worth more than bullion.

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