Saulo Oliveira S. states he is not dropping the single “Nighthawks” this year: “Thanks to the plenty of people buzzing on my ear about it”.

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2 min readApr 7, 2024

By Ella Harold, April 7, 2024.

Saulo Oliveira S., Billboard, 2024.

Apparently, the long-awaited single “Nighthawks”, which was in the post-production phase, has been postponed for good.

In a recent interview with the rock arm of Billboard, the Prince of Rock stated that he does not plan to release the song this year. And he went further, implying that the postponement comes as a way of punishing the many voices that echo in his DMs (Saulo is low profile, but has Twitter and Soundcloud), demanding the release of the single.

“Nighthawks has been delayed indefinitely, thanks to the plenty of people buzzing on my ear about it”, says the former model.

It is worth remembering that, according to sources, followers even pressured the singer by threatening to set tyres on fire and block streets in Los Angeles in protest until the song was released.

The indignation of Oliveira’s public arose after the behind-the-scenes episode known as the “Mosquito Incident” came to light in which, given his perfectionism, Saulo had spent more than an hour looking for a mosquito that had entered the studio and whose buzzing was, supposedly, echoing in the room.

Hours later he would discover that it was a hissing sound in the microphone itself. Upset with the equipment malfunctioning, the rocker reportedly left the studio, postponing the recording. Since then he has not returned. The song remains unfinished and a mystery.