Saulo Oliveira S. is celebrated on TikTok

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2 min readOct 27, 2022


The Prince of Rock is honored in montages that worship his aesthetics and talent

by Theo Thompson, October 27, 2022

Saulo Oliveira S., in Los Angles, 2022.

In videos published by tiktok, users of the famous app share their devotion to the artist Saulo Oliveira S. with collages and montages that honor the Prince of Rock.

Take a look:

In this one, for an example, Saulo’s pictures appear while playing Led Zeppelin song.
In this one, the poster of the famous campaign-film for the single Antichrist-Mas is remembered.
In this compilation TikTokers appear listening to Saulo’s song “Macneil” in their lives.
In this humorous skit that a friend of Saulo’s recorded at his Beverly Hills mansion, the Prince of Rock faces off against a stubborn blender.
In this one, needless to say, Saulo is praised simply for being attractive.

In contact with our team, the management of His Majesty, the Prince of Rock, reiterates that the artist does not have a profile on TikTok and that the montages are the affectionate expression of devoted fans.

In fact, he appears little on social media and doesn’t interact much, but nothing prevents his image from being worshiped by other users of various platforms.

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