Saulo Oliveira S. is the cover of E! Night’s Recap Interview Issue

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2 min readSep 8, 2023


by Ella Harold, September 08, 2023

Saulo Oliveira S. is the cover of E! Night’s Recap Interview Issue, September 2023.

The journalist Dealan J. Denver states that the interview, which is already a year old, is worthy of being remembered because it’s consolidating itself as an unforgettable heritage of pop culture.

The issue also afirms that it is remarkable that the most elusive rock star of nowadays, Saulo Oliveira S., in unprecedented and historic coverage, finally showed up to the public after almost a decade of seclusion and, overcoming his aversion to the press, spilled the tea on interesting topics such as, his inspirations, motivations, aliens, political point of view and literature.

The entertainment coverage portal recalls the eccentric conversation between Saulo, the Prince of Rock, and Heather Houston, a young journalist, in which, among other things, she hits on the model, the musician claims that the Bible and Hitler’s book are practically the same thing, praises the father of Satanism saying he identifies with his ideas and, undeniably drunk, compares life to a bar.

You can find the whole inteview here: E! Night — Recap Interview, Saulo

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