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5 min readNov 30, 2022

As the end of the year approaches, the rockstar is more susceptible to giving in to party invitations of different types and flavors

by Olivia Omen, November 30, 2022

The Prince of Rock, Saulo Oliveira S. in a selfie at an all-American style party with cool vibes people all around. 2022.

His Majesty, the Prince of Rock, Saulo Oliveira S., has a public profile that does not allow us to say much about his social life, after all, he is a convinced recluse and vaccinated against exaggerated exposure. However, this characteristic of his personality can be put in check when one speculates on his attendance at parties of various kinds, both in pubs and at friends' houses, in the more American "pool-party" style.

In a recent photograph published on a fan profile of the singer, on pinterest, Saulo appears in effusive animation in the company of a group of cool young people, enthusiastic about the presence of the model. With their faces painted and in shades of violet and neon light, the style of Saulo’s gang reminds one of those American movie parties in which young people gather at the home of the most popular of the gang for a party, in the absence of responsible adults. Except, of course, for the fact that here, everyone is of legal age.

In this type of party, what cannot be missing is the game of the bottle or games with the Oiuja board (this is more Saulo Oliveira's cup of tea actually) or a lot of insinuation, flirting and, invariably, there is always the one who goes up into one of the rooms with a girl. It is not possible to determine clearly, but speculation indicates that the latter could also be the Prince of Rock. That’s because Saulo is famous for getting up early at the parties he goes to. There are reports that he has already woken up floating naked in the pool of a mansion in Calabasas, L.A., after a night of hookah and Chandon.

And if, on the one hand, it is not possible to ascertain with certainty the veracity of details about the rockstar's nocturnal adventures, on the other hand, there is no shortage of comparisons. For example, in the photo seen above, both the color temperature and the ambiance and style of everyone has an atmosphere that recalls the recent A24 film “Bodies, Bodies, Bodies”.

“Bodies, Bodies, Bodies” from A24.

A notable similarity is the illuminated necklaces that seem to be in fashion with young people and the face paintings that refer to a tribal or exclusivist bond of an elite of the party group that stands out from the rest. It is possible to notice shades of this ink on Saulo Oliveira’s lips. He stands out from the rest for not having “war paint” on his cheeks and, with his eyes hidden behind frames and Vogue lenses and under the shadow of a Prada Bucket Hat, he waves, pointing out the animation of his friends in the background when they see him moving closer for a selfie.

The aesthetics of the image also have the merit of referring to the style of the recent HBO phenomenon “Euphoria”, which only makes the idea that it would be interesting, in the near future, to see Saulo Oliveira also on screens, given the uncontested fact that the photogenic of his face, his posture, mysterious air and devotion to the audiovisual, are characteristics that elevate him to the necessary Hollywood material.

“Euphoria”, from HBO.

While His Royal Highness does not star in any production that allows the public to see him at an eye-popping party, it is up to the rockstar's fans and followers to continue to follow his official profiles and his steps to stay on top of the news of such a cool and interesting lifestyle that Saulo always exudes.