What’s Saulo Oliveira S. lifestyle?

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2 min readFeb 19, 2022


by Ella Harold, February, 19, 2022.

Saulo Oliveira S. by H. H.

In a recently fan-made parody video -linked bellow-, Saulo Oliveira S. can be seen in alternating images that exude an affluent lifestyle, full of pomp and sophistication. The video available in a Pinterest account has less than a minute but it shows a lot. The Prince of Rock is apparently driving a Bentley car, wearing a Patek Philip watch, playing golf, wearing Prada tie, wearing Vogue glasses and so on.

The music theme from the acclaimed drama “Succession” plays in the background while images are going on, something that makes you think: what is his real lifestyle?

In “Succession” the characters are billionaires; the plot follows the intriguing movements between siblings trying to do their best to guarantee their spot in their father’s throne, the fight for power is constant and unavoidable. Thus, the opening theme composed by Nicholas Brittel, wich owned him an Emmy, is now being used frequently in the pop culture world as a way to parody people with sophisticated and wealthy lifestyle. There are even montages in Youtube with the Murdoch family, the Trumps and even The Simpsons used it in an episode.

The fact is that the song is actually catchy, irresistible, and so is the thinking that anyone seeing in front of that song lives a wealthy life. It couldn’t be truer when it comes to Saulo. So far, the rumors can be confirmed and it is safe to point that the artist is having the time of his life, traveling, enjoying good music, creating new projects and also reaping the monetary fruits of his persistent sowing. No one can accurately make a call about the exact amount of his annual income but he is someone who writes, composes and plays all the instruments in his songs, so, when it comes to his share in royalties it’s publicly notorious that it is about hundred percent.

Consequently, the impulse of one to listen to that song and immediately associate with Mr. Oliveira is understandable. Even not being a billionaire you can tell that the man externals an atmosphere of a rich persons: it’s in his face and body, and, obviously, in his artistic name. He may not be a real Prince, but to look like one makes him a member of music royalty instantly. At the end of the day, all about Saulo Oliveira S.’s lifestyle concerns to amount of royalties of a royalty person.