The poetry of Saulo Oliveira S.

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3 min readJun 12, 2022


By Ella Harold, June 12, 2022.

Saulo Oliveira S., Miami, 2022.

The Poetry within Wild Horizon

The skillful writing of “Memory Lane”, “Cosmic Jive” and “Ballad of Riley and the Spokesman of a Generation”, specifically denote the creativity of narrating a good story with rhymes and coherence and always a melancholic ending.

Writing since age of 7 this young storyteller has improved his ability when it comes to tell a good tale or short story. The lyrics of his songs are showing more and more sophistication through years.

In “Memory Lane” the nostalgic feeling is something that can get you, something capable of swallow you back into the sweet memories of childhood. There are even characters with the first and second letters of their names matching, a signature of Saulo’s devotion to phonetic symmetry in sentences.

Meanwhile, “Cosmic Jive” reveals a simple beginning with a sad end, such as “Ballad of Riley and the Spokesman of a Generation”. The Shakespearean traits are unequivocally reaching new standards in Saulo Oliveira S.’s work. Riley and Kyle, you root for them, but the couple is separated by forces beyond their control. Janet and Johnson James were reached by the time, this inevitable external force that separated them. Finally, that boy and that girl from “Cosmic Jive” seemed to be doomed to not be together at the end, which means, Saulo’s lyrics are not just the base for a melody, they are as much as important, and perhaps even more, than the melody itself.

The tales are filled with literary qualities; there’s romance, drama, adventure, suspense and so on. In other words, his writing has catharsis.

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