Tom Felton About Filming Harry Potter And Why He Doesn’t Share Those Stories With Young Fans

by Ella Harold, March 3rd, 2022.

Tom Felton belongs to one of the most beloved film franchises of all time, appearing as Draco Malfoy throughout the Harry Potter series’ full run. He’s also generally enthusiastic about the fandom, and is even fine with the responsibility of being a part of the series, saying earlier this year he never “felt this is a weight to carry.” However, early on when he was still feeling out his role within the franchise, he recalls sharing one truth about filming, and how he quickly learned it was more important to be an ambassador for the Wizarding World and bring the magic for the fans.

Speaking as part of a longer profile over at Square Mile, the actor spoke out about attending his first big fan event and how it really helped him to understand what appearing in Harry Potter meant — and what the franchise legacy has continued to mean to Tom Felton as stuff like the 20th Anniversary Special helps it live on. During his first ever San Diego Comic-Con panel, a young fan asked him about what it was like riding a broom. At first, he told the truth… and it didn’t go over quite how he expected.

I remember after the first couple of films, there was the Comic Con in San Diego… We were doing a Q & A with thousands of Potter fans. This little seven year old walks up. We lower the mic. She’s like, [he adopts a childish falsetto]:‘What is it like to fly a broom?’ ‘Sorry, love? What’s it like to fly a broom? Painful! Horrible! You sit on this metal pole and they blow wind in your hair.



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