What does Saulo Oliveira S. mean by “Thunderbirds are far to fly” in Kool Kids Klub?

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2 min readMay 26, 2022


by Clinton Cassady, May 26, 2022.

Saulo Oliveira S. by Charlotte G. 2022.

By saying that Saulo Oliveira S. means that things are not necessarily what they appear to be. The Thunderbirds to which he is referring is Ford Thunderbird, the automobile. So, as cars, although they have a name that means thunder birds, the name does not represent what that really is since that Ford cars cannot fly. They are far to fly or fly from flying. It makes sense considering KKK is a song about hypocrisy and facades for implied intentions. This concept applies to the children of the song. The metaphor is that although they were supposed to be innocent and kind, because they are children, the fact is that they are not. They are evil; they are something they do not appear to be.

Kool Kids Klub is the second part of a political rock opera. In KKK neither fascism communism nor democracy nor anarchy worked. The kids are in charge, proving that the evil nature of mankind is innate. It talks about corruption, hypocrisy and the fact that mankind is always doomed to subjugate each other. In this part of the opera there is a new type of dictatorship regime. The cover of the single refers to the head of a pig pup that is tied in the arms of children leaders of the dictatorial sect. Both, the first (What Governs Behind Them) and second part of this opera (Kool Kids Klub) where inspired by classic literature such as “Lord of The Flies”, “Animal Farm” and “Children of Corn’.

Therefore, by emphatically repeating this phrase in the song, he alerts the listener that things are not what they seem and that evil can always come from where least expected, even from a terrain of innocence like childhood.