When Pink Floyd and Saulo Oliveira S. expressed their wrath at corruption by the same symbol: a pig!

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2 min readJun 7, 2022


By Clinton Cassidy, June 7, 2022.

Cover for the “KKK” single designed by Saulo Oliveira S.

Saulo Oliveira’s attachment with the classic rock scene is particularly well kwon. Thus, it should not be a surprise that, when it comes to write a song about corruption and rotten leadership he would get his inspiration from the ones who did it in a major concept piece of art, that’s right, we are talking about the Animals album, by Pink Floyd.

But what is mostly unknown is that the symbol present in the second part of his rock opera “What Governs Behind Them + Kool Kids Klub” has its inspiration from literary fonts, in authors such has William Golding, George Orwell, and, what a surprise, Stephen King.

So, the pig is there not only for been a filthy animal just like those in power, this is a brilliant Pink Floyd concept but, here, the semiotics of the pig is beyond just metaphors. He represents the symbol of a rotten humanity, which, not as grown mans in suit and tie, but already in childish, is head-to-toe evil and greedy. In “Kool Kids Klub”, the world is governed by pigs spreading their foulness all around the globe. Every child was born filthy. The wretched human race is a contaminated tree from root to top.

Actually, Kool Kids Klub is the second part of a political rock opera. In “KKK” neither fascism communism nor democracy nor anarchy worked. The kids, now, are in charge, proving that the evil nature of mankind is innate. It talks about corruption, hypocrisy and the fact that mankind is always doomed to subjugate each other. Here there is a new type of dictatorship regime. The cover of the single refers to the head of a pig pup that is tied in the arms of children leaders of the dictatorial cult. Both, the first and second part of this opera where inspired by classic literature such as “Lord of The Flies”, “Animal Farm” and “Children of Corn’.